Umbulan Waterfall in Probolinggo City, East Java Province - Indonesia

Curug or waterfall also becomes a reason why tourists might visit a famous place like Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. As for the reference, there is one called Umbulan in Probolinggo City, Indonesia. To be exact, it belongs to Sukapura Sub-District and it is suitable to enjoy a family vacation. Due to its peaceful ambiance, the waterfall is more popular among those who look for relaxation (as compared to Madakaripura Waterfall). Moreover, it would be a perfect place to hunt good natural pictures among photographers. The only challenge is that tourists may find a little bit difficulty in reaching the location.

The Nuance
As mentioned before, Umbulan Waterfall has a peaceful atmosphere. Unlike Madakipura Falls, it is more suitable for those who look for relaxing and finding peace. Lush nature and fresh air would welcome everyone who visits the site. Not to mention tourists would be astonished by its unspoiled panorama, featuring the songs of the birds and green bushes. Some sites feature stones on which visitors can climb as well. Even though it takes an effort to reach that best spot, everyone can do it.

Exploring Umbulan Waterfall
Sukapura Sub-District must be proud of Bromo Mountain as it is located in such wonderful tourist spot. However, more interesting spots are available for tourists to visit. Umbulan Waterfall is one of them. Despite lacking facilities, it features an astonishing beauty and peaceful atmosphere. The next great fact is related to the location, which is only 15 minutes away from Madakipura Waterfall. It is true Umbulan is not as famous as or as crowded as Madakipura. Still, it shares the beauty and provides a better ambiance for nature lovers.

Apart from enjoying a serene atmosphere, tourists come to Umbulan Waterfall to enjoy photography. They take pictures of several objects like the water, bushes, animals, and their families. Taking selfies is also popular there, as long as visitors pay attention to their safety. It is because the landscape can be quite slippery, especially during the rainy season. Even though there are iron stairs (having the length of 35 meters), everyone should be careful there. In order to avoid problems, they must wear proper footwear like boots or other similar things.

In a nutshell, a vacation to Umbalan Waterfall offers a distinct nuance as compared to its sibling (Madakipura), which is more peaceful. Usually, visitors would move to Umbalan when another waterfall is too much crowded. Even though they come in the holidays, they won’t find it jam-packed by visitors! Isn’t that a good thing?

Nearby Attractions

  • Bromo Mountain
  • Madakipura Waterfall
  • B29 Peak
  • Watu Lawang Waterfall

How to Get There
As mentioned before, Umbalan is located near to Madakipura. That means it shares the same area, which is Sukapura Sub-District. The distance between Probolinggo and the site is about 34.5 km so it only takes about 1 hour to reach the site. It is even faster if tourists take Raya Bromo Street and come during working days (when the traffic is low).

Where to Stay

  • Sukapura Permai Inn
  • Sion View Hotel
  • Jiwa Jawa Bromo
  • Nadia Hotel

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