Dine & Dance Family Cafe & Restaurant
Jemursari Street 34 Phone: (031) 8480721
Double Happiness Restaurant
Kombes Pol M Duryat Street 41-E Phone: (031) 5482564
Flamingo Entertainment
Gentengkali Street 51-53 Phone: (031) 5312115
Imperial Palace International Restaurant
Raya Kenjeran Street 550 Phone: (031) 3810485
Ming Garden Restaurant
Mayjen HR Mohammad Street 19 Phone: (031) 7329696
Nishiki Japanese Restaurant
Kom L Yos Sudarso Street 11 Phone: (031) 5321001
Crab 'N Chef Restaurant

Plaza Tunjungan 4 LG Floor no. 29
Phone: +6231 - 5326696
LenMarc Lt. 2 no. 9
Phone: +6231 - 511.62982 SIDOARJO

Kentucky Fried Chicken
Gajah Mada Street 82 Phone: (031) 8955778
Pujasera Jenggolo
Jenggolo Street 29 Phone: (031) 8945888 Red Crispy
Pahlawan Street Phone: (031) 8951558
Cimo Cimi Fried Chicken
Gajah Mada Street 120 Phone: (031) 8961358

Quick Chicken Restaurant
Bayangkara Street 33-35 Phone: (0321) 393312
Cahaya Depot
Panglima Sudirman Street 27 Phone: (0321) 396014 Jimbaran Rumah Makan
Raya By Pass Street Km 50 Phone: (0321) 395902 Anda Depot
Bhayangkara Street 26 Phone: (0321) 323890 GRESIK

Barame Restoran
RA Kartini Street 150-152 Phone: (031) 3984783
Barokah Depot
Kapt Dulasim Street 139 A Phone: (031) 3977757 Firdaus Depot
Sukomulyo village 5 Phone: (031) 3951921 Mie 55 Depot
RA Kartini Street 164 Phone: (031) 3984034 LAMONGAN

Palm Kendil Wesi
Raya Daendels street, Paciran - Lamongan
Ikan Bakar Jimbaran
Jaksa Agung Suprapto Street
Asih Jaya I
Lamongan Indah Complex, Panglima Sudirman Street
Depot Tahu Campur Mbak Yati
Restaurant Area, Sura Jaya Stadium

Mustika Restaurant
Teuku Umar Street 3 Phone: (0356) 322555
Visit to get Restaurants in each cities of East Java Yella Restaurant
Raya Semarang Street 518 Phone: (0356) 321572 Yella Restaurant
Raya Semarang Street 518 Phone: (0356) 321572

Latest News

Get To Know Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park

Taman Nasional Bromo Tegger Semeru (TNBTS) Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park (TNBTS) was established through a Decree of the Minister of Forestry in 2005. Bromo Tengger Semeru area was designated as a national park partly because it has a unique ecosystem where has a caldera inside a caldera in the form of an active volcano (Mount Bromo) inside the Mount Tengger caldera with the sea volcanic sand around it. The uniqueness of the ecosystem and the beauty of natural panorama of Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park (TNBTS) make this area…

Get Back to Nature in the Onsen Hot Spring Resort, Malang

Batu, Malang, the city which is known for its wealth of natural tourism presents a new experience in the form of a thick Japanese feel at a resort called The Onsen Hot Spring. The resort is surrounded by pine trees with a backdrop of mountain views, making The Onsen Hot Spring Malang atmosphere so similar to the atmosphere at the foot of Mount Fuji. The term Onsen itself in Japan is a public hot spring bath that is separate for women and men. At The Onsen Hot Spring Malang, tourists…

The Beauty of Eternal Rainwater in Probolinggo, Hidden in the Hills

Madakaripura Waterfall is one of the destinations that can be visited when you are in Probolinggo. Madakaripura Waterfall has an exotic view. In fact, dubbed as eternal rain. Madakaripura Waterfall, located in Branggah sub-district, Negororejo, Probolinggo, East Java. This tourist attraction has a charming view. The water is clear, then the high cliffs further add to the specialty of this area. Madakaripura Waterfall has a height of 200 meters, and has been named the highest waterfall in Indonesia after Si Gura-gura Waterfall in Toba Samosir, North Sumatra. Uniquely, this waterfall…

The Most Beautiful Islands in Sumenep Madura, Its Enchantment Spoils the Eyes

Not inferior to other cities in East Java, Madura Island also has interesting natural beauty. Each region has its own charm, Sumenep is no exception. In addition to its delicious culinary, Sumenep also has beautiful islands. Some islands even still have few visitors. Curious where is it? Check out this list of the most beautiful islands in Sumenep, Madura, East Java! White sand and clear water, Gili Labak is one of the favorite destinations for tourists. Every corner of this island feels Instagrammable. Gili Labak or Gili Lawak, is one…

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