Dine & Dance Family Cafe & Restaurant
Jemursari Street 34 Phone: (031) 8480721
Double Happiness Restaurant
Kombes Pol M Duryat Street 41-E Phone: (031) 5482564
Flamingo Entertainment
Gentengkali Street 51-53 Phone: (031) 5312115
Imperial Palace International Restaurant
Raya Kenjeran Street 550 Phone: (031) 3810485
Ming Garden Restaurant
Mayjen HR Mohammad Street 19 Phone: (031) 7329696
Nishiki Japanese Restaurant
Kom L Yos Sudarso Street 11 Phone: (031) 5321001
Crab 'N Chef Restaurant

Plaza Tunjungan 4 LG Floor no. 29
Phone: +6231 - 5326696
LenMarc Lt. 2 no. 9
Phone: +6231 - 511.62982 SIDOARJO

Kentucky Fried Chicken
Gajah Mada Street 82 Phone: (031) 8955778
Pujasera Jenggolo
Jenggolo Street 29 Phone: (031) 8945888 Red Crispy
Pahlawan Street Phone: (031) 8951558
Cimo Cimi Fried Chicken
Gajah Mada Street 120 Phone: (031) 8961358

Quick Chicken Restaurant
Bayangkara Street 33-35 Phone: (0321) 393312
Cahaya Depot
Panglima Sudirman Street 27 Phone: (0321) 396014 Jimbaran Rumah Makan
Raya By Pass Street Km 50 Phone: (0321) 395902 Anda Depot
Bhayangkara Street 26 Phone: (0321) 323890 GRESIK

Barame Restoran
RA Kartini Street 150-152 Phone: (031) 3984783
Barokah Depot
Kapt Dulasim Street 139 A Phone: (031) 3977757 Firdaus Depot
Sukomulyo village 5 Phone: (031) 3951921 Mie 55 Depot
RA Kartini Street 164 Phone: (031) 3984034 LAMONGAN

Palm Kendil Wesi
Raya Daendels street, Paciran - Lamongan
Ikan Bakar Jimbaran
Jaksa Agung Suprapto Street
Asih Jaya I
Lamongan Indah Complex, Panglima Sudirman Street
Depot Tahu Campur Mbak Yati
Restaurant Area, Sura Jaya Stadium

Mustika Restaurant
Teuku Umar Street 3 Phone: (0356) 322555
Visit to get Restaurants in each cities of East Java Yella Restaurant
Raya Semarang Street 518 Phone: (0356) 321572 Yella Restaurant
Raya Semarang Street 518 Phone: (0356) 321572

Latest News

Surabaya And Malang Destinations

SurabayaKnown as the largest city in East Java, Surabaya has its own charm for tourists. This city has a lot of charm and cool panoramas that you can’t miss. Visiting the City of Heroes, you can enjoy natural and culinary tours that come in various choices. For those of you who like nature tourism, Kenjeran Beach can be the right choice to fill your vacation. Located on Jalan Mentari Kenjeran or Jalan Raya Pantai Lama, Surabaya, Kenjeran Beach is divided into: Old Kenjeran Beach and New Kenjeran Beach.Both beaches have…

Beauty Green Bay in Banyuwangi

Teluk Hijau Banyuwangi is also known as Green Bay Banyuwangi. As the name implies, this place is one of tourist attractions in Banyuwangi with the unspoiled beauty. The beach scenery with beautiful sand. Green Bay is located in Pesanggaran District , precisely in Sarongan village. It located about 90 km to south of Banyuwangi town. To reach this beach from Banyuwangi we just follow the directions to Pesanggaran-Sarongan-Sukamade, that are still one lane of route to Sukamade beach, Meru Betiri National Park. On the way, you will pass a beach…

Bunda Hill (Bukit Bunda), Blitar

Not all tourists are aware of Blitar City’s tourism potential. However, they are interested enough to visit the region someday. It is because Blitar offers lots of attractive vacation spots for sightseeing and relaxation. Here is an example. The name is Bunda Hill and it is located in Kademangan Sub-District. The exact location is in Dawuhan Village and it is considered a new tourist spot in Blitar. This limestone hill was developed by a pilot named Miftahul Ahsan who really cares about his mother. In terms of name, “Bunda” means…

Boom Beach, the Modern Beach Icons of Banyuwangi

One of the beach tourism destinations which is located close to the center of Banyuwangi City. Boom Beach which was once a port of goods and fish has now been transformed into one of the modern beach icons of Banyuwangi. With various facilities provided, this beach has become a new tourist destination that must be visited by tourists in Banyuwangi. Boom Beach which is managed by PELINDO III will become a yacht port, a port that will become an entrance for foreign tourists, especially among yacht ship users both from…

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